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About Us

Welcome to GraceofdoG!
Grace of doG started with a puppy named Gracie. In 2013 after graduating from high school, me and my friend went to the mall and hung out all day. After scrolling threw Facebook i seen someone post "Come get her before we drop her off on the side of the road!"

I knew at that moment, that this little black puppy will change my life for good! Gracie is my everything, my happiness to my sadness. The smile when I'm feeling down. The light of my life.
In April 2017 I decided to start making bandanas for both Gracie and Tucker. After months of messing with patterns and shapes of bandanas I finally got what I was looking for! The perfect bandana!
How did I name my shop? Well it took awhile, but I definatly wanted to name it after Gracie. I also know that God played a big part in my world with being blessed with Gracie, so thus came the name Grace of doG or G.o.D for short because God spelled backwards is Dog!!!

In early July i knew something was off with my shop. I didn't feel like me anymore. I knew i had to change and so did my shop! It will be a secret for now but i know im excited to do this!