Did you know, all collars and Leashes come with a lifetime warranty and repairs?! Click here for more info!

Lifetime Warranty and repair policy

Lifetime Warranty and Repair Policy
All Mt. Rainier Collection & Eco Canvas collar products made by GraceofdoG are backed by a lifetime warranty.
Should any buckle, rivets or d-rings fail, we’ll repair them no charge!
This warranty covers defects in material and craftsmanship, and does not cover normal wear and tear ie; damage caused by your dog or any other event beyond our control. Examples of normal wear and tear would be scratches or dings on rivets and/or natural aging of hardware is NOT covered by the warranty.
Items that have been chewed by your dog or items that are ill-suited to a particular size/breed of dog.
How long will my repair take?
We don’t guarantee a time frame as there are so many variables with repairing a product. Usually, it can take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to fully repair.
Do I pay for shipping costs?
YES! We are happy to repair your items, but we do not cover shipping costs to or from our shop. Please include a note explaining the issues, your name, mailing address and email or phone number. Please use a padded envelope or small mailing box to ensure your item makes it through the postal service automation.We are not responsible for items lost in transit to our location.
Our mailing address:
45460 Yeager Dr
Wellsville, OH 43968
GraceofdoG is not to be held liable for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to: defect in material or craftsmanship, misuse or improper use of products, accidents or death regardless of the cause, negligent or faulty design. Each customer is responsible for determining the suitability of all GraceofdoG products for their individual situation and needs. The customer accepts all responsibility by purchasing and/or using these products. Please always check your gear before use, whether made by us or anyone else.