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Models and brand reps

Our Models and Brand reps mean everything to me and GraceofdoG!

Models have an awesome "job" of seriously doing nothing! Being here is all that really counts. No photo minimum, no shout outs everyday, no bragging about the shop, they just get to be here and share this amazing journey with me! 

Ginger-Alex and Kane, Zeus-Michaele, Herrlich- Kristina are my brand reps. These 3 have been the best support I have every had with this journey! Alex and Ginger have been here the longest, supporting me in every way possible. Michaele, Kane and Zeus came in a couple months after. Followed by Kristina who has been our rock with everything! and I'm seriously blessed for Kristina, Alex and Michaele. 


I also have the amazing Gunner (Gianna) Gunner is by far the cutest pitty I've ever seen! These two make my heart happy every time I see his face pop up on my Instagram. We are both learning and growing together and working hard. 

Maverick and Bentley! The cutest small duo anyone could ask for! From traveling the USA and taking amazing boardwalk photos in the Big Apple. 

Astra and Zevas, new to the team but have always had a place in it! The biggest idea producers ever! Coming up with amazing ideas to expand our shop, the support they show is everything to me!

Tobi!! THE BEST Giant boy anyone could ask for! Making all our gear look stunning in the Washington Mountains! 

Having this kind of connection from 7 people all over the USA and hopefully in Canada soon! 


I'm so thankful for my entire team! It will grown and It will shrink. That's the part of life but for the mean time I'll be thankful for what I have and what I will have.

                                                   Much love from the owner of GraceofdoG


                                                         CEO's- Tucker, Gracie and Mabel