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YKK Buckles

Lets talk about buckles!

We recently switched to a YKK Sharpen loc' buckle because they are more durable and last longer! YKK is a plastic buckle that is so flexible it would not break even if you twist it! Tests have shown that the buckle (male end) will not break after being bent over 180 degrees. 

The new "V" shape is designed to allow any dirt, sand, snow or rock out of the buckle and still lock together like a normal buckle!

The YKKbuckles won't scratch, dent or rust. Meaning tags won't damage them if they clank together and drive us nuts with the noise! Water and mud won't phase these buckles at all! Overtime they wont wear down like a metal buckle.


Our switch was a big one but it means our collars are now more durable than our previous collars! Our new motto is