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Maddox Collar
Maddox Collar

Maddox Collar

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The Maddox Collar is a mustard yellow duck cloth collar. 

Duck cloth is a very heavy duty, durable canvas collar. This material is used on most outdoor clothing. This fabric will not snag or tear just like all our collars. 

Finishing off with Stainless Steel D-rings and a new YKK Sharpin Loc' buckle.

The new "V" shape is designed to allow any dirt, sand, snow or rock out of the buckle and still lock together like a normal buckle!

TheYKK buckles won't scratch, dent or rust. Meaning tags won't damage them if they clank together and drive us nuts with the noise! Water and mud won't phase these buckles at all! Overtime they wont wear down like a metal buckle.

Each pattern will vary slightly with each collar. We try our hardest to get your product to look exactly like the photos shown. Products are made right after you order meaning we need time to get them done. Please allow 7-10 business days to ship your product.

*Size chart*

Small- 8"-12"

Medium- 11"-16"

large- 14"-21"

X-large- 18"-26"


Hand wash & hang to dry

*due to the webbing type & metal hardware we do NOT recommend putting our collars in the washing machine or dryer*